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Clouds: original drawing

  • Clouds: original drawing

* **Hello! I'll be in Apricale, Liguria with some of my Clouds for an artistic residency until August 25th. If you are interested you can reserve your favourite Cloud but please note that I won't be able to ship it until that day! Thank you for understanding 😊 ***

During the Covid-19 lockdown I drew one cloud a day for everyday of my staying at home. Here you can order original drawings of the single clouds: please note that each drawing is unique (giglée prints are also available). Crossed out drawings are no longer available.
If you want to have a better look at all the design please visito my project page here:

Please note: the listing is for ONE single drawing, when you place your order just specify the number you want in the notes.

Paper size is 15x16cm size; image size is 10x10cm .

This drawing will be shipped in flat.